The Resistant Materials Services Group (RMS Group) was formed in 1989 and was initially involved in the marketing of silicon carbide products. The RMS Group has matured and grown considerably since then and now manufactures and distributes a wide range of products into a variety of different industries. The RMS Group also offers a number of related functions to it’s customers. We endeavour below to provide an overview of the entities within the RMS Group and the industries and customers served.

Group Structure

The RMS Group comprises of the following entities:

Refractory Division
The range of high temperature insulation and allied products (manufactured by the globally recognised Thermal Ceramics Group) and services offered is:

  • – Ceramic Fibre products (blanket, vacuum-formed shapes, glass textiles, ceramic fibre textiles and all other associated ceramic fibre products)
  • – Insulation Fire Bricks
  • – Crucibles
  • – Silicon Carbide Advanced Refractories
  • – Silicon Carbide Elements Design and installation of high temperature insulation for application in kilns, furnaces, ovens and the like.

Foundry Division
The Foundry Division supplies a wide spectrum of products and services into the metallurgical industries of the territories served. These products and services may be summarised thus:

  • – Exothermic and insulating feeding aids
  • – Monolithic castable and ramming refractory products
  • – Degassers and fluxes for non-ferrous metal industries
  • – Wide range of foundry consumables

Durrans RMS
Durrans RMS is a joint venture business between James Durrans and Sons (United Kingdom) and Resistant Materials Services. This company manufactures and distributes mould paints and refractory parting mediums that are both water and spirit based.

Additionally Durrans RMS distributes carbon products such as speciality anthracite powders, coal dusts, petroleum coke, metallurgical coke and recarburisers.

Thermal Fabricators
Thermal Fabricators (also commonly known as THERMOFAB) manufactures a range of high temperature products such as expansion joints, bellows, compensators and other fabricated coated textile products.


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